Zip Chain Type Assorted Qualities

Shop the St Jord range of our zip chains that we keep in stock. Type 3 zip chain is generally used in pencil cases and ladies slacks. Type 5 zip chain in jackets and the others in more heavy duty applications. 

T5 Chain Black C310
Type 5 Chain Navy C318
Type 5 Chain Red
Type 5 Chain Bottle
Type 5 Grey Melange C351
Type 10 Nylon Beige Col. 298
Type 5 Vislon Black C310
Type 5 Vislon Navy C318
Type 10 Nylon Black C310
Type 10 Vislon Black Col. 310
Type 10 Nylon White C101
Type 3 Nylon Chain Cream C102
Type 3 Nylon Chain Black C310
Type 3 Nylon Chain Beige C297
Type 3 Nylon Chain Navy C318
Type 5 Zip Chain White C101
Type 5 Chain Cream C102
Type 5 Chain D/Grey C335
T5 Chain Melange Grey C351
T5 Chain Dark Brown C295
Type 5 Beige Col. 298
Type 5 Nylon Off White Col. 296
Type 5 Cerise Col. 143
Type 3 Burgundy Col. 171
Type 3 Grey Melange Col. 351
Type 3 Royal Blue Col. 322
Type 8 Nylon Black Col. 310

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