The Eclipse Mark II

Batumi - Bell Flower
Batumi - Cinder
Batumi - Plaster
Batumi - Star Fruit
Batumi - Sunshine
Frame Colour

Modern and contemporary, made with a custom steel frame; designed to complement a variety of spaces. 

The Eclipse Mark II takes cues from retro design. With simple designer touches keeping things fresh and modern.

With a wide and welcoming embrace that makes for luxurious lounging, the soft foam filling lets you sink in and curl up.

It’s subtle, yet expressive. Choose from a range of colours in premium Batumi or Cayanne Linen.

This is a piece that gives any room a chic edge.

Width: 750mm
Total Height: 750mm
Seat Height: 430mm
Seat Depth: 590mm 

R500 off your first order