Printed Furnishing Fabric 140cm

Lovely prints, suitable for lightweight upholstery, roman blinds scatter cushions and much much more. Majority of these prints are on Panama cotton. Prints like this will normally be found in Fabric Houses or in cut length books at more than double the price. Take full advantage of these super prints and super prices.
Protea & Bird
Orange Protea
Floral Cerise
Floral Mustard
Floral Cerise Linen
Sierra Floral Linen
Sierra Floral Pink
Butterfly Postcard
Monkey In Tree
Large Floral Black
Large Floral White
Strelitzia Linen
Strelitzia Black
Olives White
Olives linen
Almond Linen
Almond White
Aloe Black
Aloe Linen
Aloe White
Apples Linen
Citrus Black
Citrus Linen
Citrus White
Pears Linen
Pears White
Pin Cushion Black
Pin Cushion Linen
Pin Cushion White
Poppy Black
Poppy White
Protea Black
Protea Linen
Protea White
Rose Hip Black
Rose Hip White
Tulip Black
Tulip White

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