Our Story

St Jord Furniture & Textiles is an online distributor of fine fabrics.

St Jord is the love child of a husband and wife team with a combined experience of thirty years in the Textile & Décor industry.

Our factory produces both Senior Citizen furniture and contemporary style seating and sleeper couches. All fabrics used on the sofa's are purchased at source, assuring you of the best deal possible. Our fabrics are sourced both locally and all over the globe. 

Chat on WhatsApp to our sales team on +27835552333 or +27763303408 for 24/7 support.

With the textile industry in such turmoil in South Africa, business has truly changed radically. We offer a variety of fabrics from apparel fabrics, craft and quilting fabrics to curtain and décor. Haberdashery and sewing notions still form a huge part of our business. We bring these to you , via our online showroom and deliver to your door. 

Personal service is the best service.